A Dirty Blackletter Design Tutorial

Another beautiful tutorial by Chris Spooner.

Check out the textures and effects that he so masterfully adds.


3 Words for 2012

I first saw Chris Brogan do this. And he just posted his three words for 2012.

I don’t do resolutions. Haven’t for years. Those times that I did, frustration often resulted from too many, covering too much, that were too easily forgotten. But defining 3 words to direct focus and behavior? Now that might be effective … and doable.

Chris describes how to think of these words:

“Find three words that could be used as lighthouses to guide you through stormy seas, that can be used as flags on the battlefield of your challenges, words that will bolster you and give you a direction that goes beyond the goals you might attach as a result of these words.”

Lighthouses. Flags. Excellent.

I’ve been considering a number of words over the last few days to see if they’d fit my desire, and need, to make improvements and set direction. From some of the following descriptions, three surfaced. They don’t need to start with the same letter, these just happened to. And they fit.

My 3 words for 2012 are:


Commit to:
- finishing what I start.
- excellence in business.
- eating well.
- doing what I say I’ll do.
making decisions.
- helping others.
minimizing distractions.


Be consistent in:
- parenting.
- biking.
- writing/blogging.
- showing up. On time.
- my sleep schedule. Waking early.
- carrying out the commitments.


Be courageous in:
- relationships.
- sharing who I am. Just … Hit … Publish.
- using the word “no.” And not only to others.
- accepting criticism. And criticizing less.
- reducing self-imposed limitations.
- giving myself and others the permission to succeed.

Commitment. Consistent. Courage.

What 3 words define your desires and direction for 2012?

Steve Job’s Patents

Old Apple IIII had a sense that he had a number of patents attributed to him. But I had no idea.



I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me This, Too.

Am I the Only One?

I’m totally guilty of thinking all too often that I’m the only one.

The only one who’s taken years to eek out something that may benefit someone else. The only one who makes crazy mistakes. The only one who takes such a long time to start writing on a blog. The only one who has creative block for far too long and after what seems like hours or days or, uh, weeks of drawing and considering and thinking … and drawing, an idea finally begins to take shape; it brings a tear to my eye.

It rocks.

Then, doubt. Am I’m the only one who thinks so? Am I the only one whose client comes back with, “No, that’s not it. I said block letters, bigger, out to the edge, and make ‘em red, and the background yellow!”


Everybody goes through it.

It takes a long time. A lot of work. Loads of work. Scheduling. Tenacity. Whether writing, designing, composing, creating, painting, or working with 50# of clay.

Working in front of a computer day in, day out tends to shrink my world. So I need to constantly keep this in mind to fight the “Am I the Only One” syndrome.

Ira Glass says it far more powerfully than I…

Do you get stuck feeling like you’re the only one? How do you cope with it?

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